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EG Novels is a website where our translators translate non-english web novels into in their own words. We do this as a hobby to let everyone enjoy a really good story even though they aren't able to read it. We believe books are for everyone and should also be free to enjoy. All our content is 100% original as they are all translated from our translators own wording. At Egnovels.com we serve only the top quality novels we have considered a good read. Egnovels.com has a collaboration of numerous perfected translations from poppular web novels. If you enjoy reading on your spare time, please bookmark us and read whenever you want!

Our Recently Translated Chapters:

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 451

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 451 – Joint Development It was Duke Forund’s first visit to The Northlands. He was shocked when he traveled through Delamock. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the various fiefs’ clearly defined borders, the wide expansive streets, and the farmland beside the road where criss-crossing irrigation routes could be spotted; it all completely turned up-ended his previous impressions regarding the province. Wasn’t the highway supposed to be the empire’s worst? The most costly, the longest, and the most indirect? I heard that in order to not infringe on the various nobles’ lands, its… Read more »

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 450

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 450 – A Peaceful Year 1784 was a rare year where Lorist got to spend his time in comfort and peace. The house was moving towards prosperity and there were no longer enemies in the region. He had toiled without rest to protect it in the past, from building up his military, to preparing for battle, to developing the dominion non-stop, to leading the troops to defeat one noble house after another… Finally, he could spend some time in the dominion, quietly. Most matters were on track and didn’t need his oversite. The once desolate… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 1121

Against the Gods Chapter 1121 – When Immortals Fight, Mortals Suffer The woman in the snow dress slowly turned around. She looked as though she had been carved from ice. Her appearance which was as beautiful as a fairy once again appeared in front of Yun Che, only her expression was one which could plunge anyone into the depths of an icy hell. Her lips slowly uttered the following bone chilling words, “You still dare to call me master!?” If there was anyone in this world who could make Yun Che completely leave his arrogance and pride at the door, it could… Read more »

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 449

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 449 – Helplessness Howard stood with Tarkel before Lorist and said, “Milord, the results of the investigation are in.” Lorist handed a signed document to Charade, his face stone cold. “Tell me who had a part in this.” Howard opened the blue folder and took out a piece of paper. “Knight Ziwek’s wife, Lady Moya, Supervisor Youkiz’s wife Seshla, Miss Krado and Knight Lambord’s wife, Lady Darley. They are the ones who visited the Malek household the most. As Milord said, they visit at least three times a week with the express aim of getting… Read more »

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 448

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 448 – Conspiracy Within the wide, illuminated meeting room hung map after map of the mid-southern nations. There weren’t many people present, only Lorist, Tarkel, Charade, and Kedan, who had replaced Hansk. Reidy, Howard, and Jinolio remained seated to the side. Tarkel was arranging some documents. He stood in front of one of the maps with a wooden pointer. “The Union has swallowed nine nations, including Teribo, since the War of Glass. Not including Lormo and Mobia, which gave up their sovereignty voluntarily. It has become one of the largest nations on the continent. Most… Read more »

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 51 Chapter 4

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 51 Chapter 4 – The Fight of Karichwi the Orc The entire crowd in the area went wild after Weed had finished singing. “Victory is ours!” “Please, vanquish the Haven Empire for us!” “That’s Karichwi the Orc! He looks so much scarier in person.” People who had directly witnessed Karichwi’s singing were unable to hold back their excitement. – Tchwick, Tchwik, Chitchwiit. Weed spiritedly waved his arms and began to dance, moving his shoulders up and down. The dance of the gigantic Orc, Karichwi! His moves could only be described as those of tipsy middle-aged men and… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 1120

Against the Gods Chapter 1120 – As If Meeting In A Dream It was not only Mu Baimei, both Emperor Nanlie and Han Kuan were equally shocked. Their gaze shifted, promptly looking behind Mu Baimei. Yun Che was standing there in the same posture as before. They were all mighty Divine Kings, but they couldn’t clearly see how he managed to appear there at all. Yun Che’s eyes grew cold. He sneered and coldly laughed, “Mu Baimei, this fox tail of yours is very ugly, eh?” A stately Divine King executed a lethal attack against a youth in the Divine Soul Realm… Read more »

Against the Gods Chapter 1119

Against the Gods Chapter 1119 – Immortal Among All Grasses Because of the miraculous power bestowed to him by He Lin, wherever Yun Che went, the flowers and trees all seemed to come to life, as if awakening from a dreamlike state. They released thick and refreshing auras. Although it was his first time seeing them, Yun Che could call out their names with complete accuracy as well as their distinctive attributes, spirit effects, medicinal effects… everything that could be associated with them. Yun Che kept a constant watch around him, taking in and observing each and every spirit flower he… Read more »

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 370

World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination Chapter 370 Xiao Yu, Nicholas and Leonardo ordered their troops to rest after negotiating the details. It was dawn so they were planning to start the offense at noon. They didn’t want to prolong the war but instead win it in one go. Moreover, it was obvious that the nest of the gorlocs wouldn’t be so simple to invade. Xiao Yu commanded his troops to report the losses. There were no immortals so there was going to be losses. The data regarding the losses was reported to Xiao Yu soon enough. His heart was… Read more »

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 447

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord Chapter 447 – Knight Lundmorde “I’ve returned, Your Grace.” Tarkel appeared before Lorist fifteen days later. He had had no choice in his travel to Morante. He’d been sent to the city in the 8th month of the previous year. Knight Lundmorde, we had previously served on the frontlines as a medic, had gone missing along with his secret bodyguard after being ambushed by a unit of mid-southern forces. When word of it got out, the four wives in Morante at the time set out to look for him, causing the flow of information to stop…. Read more »

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